Arena Groomers

Rake and roll!

We have a wide range of arena groomers to professionally maintain your surface and ensure consistency so that you can enjoy the perfect ride.

We offer:

▪️ A wide variety of ready to take home models
Custom made arena rakes and rollers
Customisation and repairs to your existing arena groomers

Ready to take home models
We have a lovely range of arena models in stock, ready for you to take home.

Sand & Textile roller model:

Our quality heavy duty arena groomers are designed to professionally finish geotextile and sand arena surfaces, so that you can enjoy the perfect ride.  Designed to be fully adjustable, they are super easy to use and can be towed behind a car, quad bike or small tractor. To easily drag the built up sand away from the outside of the arena, they also feature a hinged side scoop.
They also include:
▪️Double row of spring tynes
▪️ Greaseable bearings in the rear roller
▪️Heavy duty grader blade
These units are available in two sizes: 1.5 metres and 2 metres, as a kit form or fully assembled and ready for you to use.

Adjustable arena Rake Roller for sand and synthetic surfaces

arena rake arena groomer .jpeg

3 point linkage rake groomers:
Approximately 2 metres wide and fully adjustable for all of your needs, these arena groomers feature:
▪️Double rows of tynes
▪️Side scoop
▪️rear grader blade
▪️3 point linkage pickup point to suit tractor and great to get into arena corners
Although they are great for grooming arenas, they can also be used in the paddock for smudging manure.

In addition to our ready made rakes and rollers, we can also custom make arena implements especially to suit your needs and budget.


Our ‘Boss’ arena rakes, rollers and grooming implements are made to specifically suit YOUR needs and riding surface.  We take great pride in our craftsmanship and build many of our arena rakes right here in Australia, using a high quality heavy duty steel.
In order to cater for different tow ball heights and varying depths of raking, our arena grooming implements are also fully adjustable.  The units that we produce can feature; tynes, blades, rollers, side scoops and more!

BOSS Arena Rake_9378

BOSS Arena Rake_9366

BOSS Arena Rake_9384

Custom built fully adjustable arena rake groomer by Boss

Boss custom made arena rake groomer

Arena Groomer Boss Excavations Fibre suface.JPG

Repair Service
Furthermore, we also customise and repair your old arena rakes, whatever the make they might be.
We will be uploading more information and photographs over the coming weeks, so please stop by again soon.  In the time being, for more information or for prices, please do not hesitate to call us on 0418 334 007.