Fusion Fibre

The innovative technology of fusion fibre from Europe is now available Australia wide!

Fusion fibre is a fantastic stabilisation additive that will improve your new or existing sand arena surface, offering the following benefits :

– Shock absorption
– Reduced penetration
– Increased traction
– Cushioning

Dressage Arena
This geotextile fibre works by forming an artificial root structure simulating the natural properties of turf and therefore creates a quality footing that is wholly sympathetic with the horse. The stabiliser mix binds with the sand giving it an ability to absorb impact that emulates turf, this in return ensures the risk of the jarring to the horses is minimal.  Fusion fibre will give stability and consistency and help to retain moisture, thereby enhancing the performance of any sand surface.  To  ensure the horse is less likely to trip or grab on the finished surface, our Fusion Fibre is carefully chopped to a uniform length of approximately 25mm to 30mm.
Overall, the product is very hard wearing and virtually indestructible.  This geotextile fibre stabiliser can be blended with existing sand surfaces to dramatically enhance the performance of your sand surface or of course, installed with a brand new arena.
Although we are the authorised installer of fusion fibre, we also supply this product Australia wide, if you would like to organise your own installation or DIY project.  If you would like us to supply only the fusion fibre as a DIY product, we will happily guide you with the installation process -every step of the way!

We will be uploading more photos and information about this revolutionary technology soon.  In the meantime, please contact 0418 334 007 for more information.